How it works

Foundation Lalla Salma’s organization

Foundation Lalla Salma, a multidisciplinary team

Whenever and whatever, the Foundation Lalla Salma against Cancer is backed by the expertise and the all-time availability of a polyvalent team which is composed of doctors, researchers, and of economic and associative active actors. The Foundation Lalla Salma also benefits from the support of Moroccan and foreign top VIPs.

The Foundation Lalla Salma’s global action strategy is planned by the Board of Directors and the Scientific Council of the Association. The implementation of the Association activities is carried out by the Executive Board and by the Regional Committees.


Foundation Lalla Salma General Assembly of November 22nd, 2011


  • The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is in charge of setting up the general strategic plans of the Foundation Lalla Salma. Chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma, the fifteen members of the Board are nominated by the General Assembly:

- Pr. Moulay Tahar Alaoui

- Latifa El Abida, General Secretary

- Moulay Hafid El Alamy, Treasurer

- Wafaâ Hakmi, Assistant Treasurer

- Noureddine Ayouch

- Mohamed Benchaâboun

- Abdeslam Ahizoune

- Hassan Ouriagli

- Aziz Akhannouch, Regional Presidents’ Conference Chairman


  • The Scientific Council

Consisted of eminent national and international doctors and professors, the Scientific Council helps out and backs the Board of Directors in defining the general strategies of the Foundation Lalla Salma action plan:

- Pr. Moulay Tahar Alaoui, President (Morocco)

- Pr. Fouzia Msefer Alaoui (Morocco)

- Pr. Abdellatif Benider (Morocco)

- Dr Amine Benkabbou (Morocco)

- Dr Hind Mrabti (Morocco)

- Pr. Jean-Bernard Dubuisson (Switzerland)

- Pr Anthony Miller (Canada)

- Pr Mahmoud Sarhan (Jordan)


  • The Regional Committees

The role of the Regional Committees is to apply all of the Foundation Lalla Salma measures to their local patients. They are also intended to develop means of information, support and coordination at a regional scale:

- Aziz Akhannouch, Regional Committee President (Agadir)

- Ilham Lahlou Jamaï, Regional Committee President (Casablanca)

- Mohamed Belbachir, Regional Committee President (Tangier)

- Pr Khalid Ait Taleb, Regional Committee President (Fes)


  • The Executive Board

The Executive Board is in charge of the daily management of the Foundation Lalla Salma as well as the coordination of the Foundation Lalla Salma activities and initiatives:

- Dr Rachid Bekkali, Executive Director

- Pr Maria Bennani, Deputy Director

- Fathallah El Abdani, Purchasing & Projects Supervisor

- Houda Fakhakhari, Information systems manager

- Meryem Aji, Responsible decision-making systems

- Dr Youssef Chami, Projects coordinator

- Dr Ahmed Zidouh, Projects coordinator

Khalid Laraïchi, Volunteer program manager

- Chaaibia Doghmi, Assistant


  • Houses of life 

- Casablanca – Brahim Adnane, Director

- Agadir – Jamaa El Abassi, Director

- Fès – Aïcha Jarir, Director

- Marrakech - El Amiri Saïd, Director