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Scope of activities

Since the opening in 2005, the Foundation of Lalla Salma against Cancer is working ceaseless with all its partners at making of the fight against cancer a public health priority in Morocco and in the whole region.

The Foundation of Lalla Salma against Cancer developed a global and innovative system so as to improve the care of the patients affected by cancer, and to support any activity intended for fighting cancer, through targeted and defined missions.

Since the creation of the Foundation Lalla Salma in 2005, all-out operations have been carried out successfully and concerned the upgrading of the hospitals’ equipment, information and awareness campaigns, the support of the research, the improvement of the patients’ care or yet the early diagnosis of certain forms of cancer. Another main part of the achievements of the Association was to empower the country with certain strategic experiences for fighting cancer by giving Morocco useful means such as the National Day against Cancer or yet the National Cancer Prevention and Control Plan.