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Hospitals and access to medicines

The Foundation Lalla Salma set up a strategy concerning the therapeutic and diagnostic coverage of cancer patients by privileging two main themes: the oncology centers and the access to medicines.


  • Construction, equipment and humanization

Since its opening, the Foundation Lalla Salma is striving hard to improve the therapeutic and diagnostic coverage conditions in favor of the cancer patients by working mainly on three different areas:

- The humanization of care in the existingoncology centers
- The equipment of the health structures directed to cancer research
- The construction of infrastructures dedicated to cancer treatment (general and pediatric oncology centers, close units of chemotherapy, high-tech centers specialized in gynecology-oncology)

Hospitals and access to medicines

The financing of the upgrade of the buildings and equipment, the humanizationof care and the construction of the health structures dedicated to the coverage of cancers are supported by funds granted by the Foundation Lalla Salma and its donors as well as national and international partners, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

  • Access to medicines

Allowing access to medicines and equal care to cancer patients was one major objective of the Foundation Lalla Salma.

The program "Access to medicines for low-income patients" (ACCESS) allows penniless patients to be treated in the public healthcare structures so as to receive anticancer treatment completely free of charge. This program also helps out improving the channels for medicines and for patient taken care.

The Foundation Lalla Salma participated largely in standardizing the therapeutic protocols (qualitative and quantitative selection), ruled the logistic frame of the medicines process channel (purchase, distribution, use and waste disposal). The Foundation Lalla Salma organized as well the medical staff training and upgraded the existing pharmacies and preparation rooms, thus giving new working equipment.



Hospitals and access to medicines

  • The ACCESS Program led to:

- Develop and standardize the therapeutic protocols,
- Ensure the availability of medicines in the public oncology centers,
- Develop the skills of the staff,
- Elaborate processes and standards to control the medicines’ distribution and use,
- Build and equip pharmacies and preparation units complying with the international standards,
- Set up an information system,
- Elaborate a system of quality control,
- Establish a system of follow-up and evaluation.

The objective of ACCESS is to reach a rate of 100% access to medicines and chemotherapy for needy patients having no health policy.