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Prevention and awareness

Warning the general public is part of the strategic priorities set up by the Foundation Lalla Salma against Cancer.

Awareness campaigns

Demystifying cancer is a fundamental prerequisite for the organization of a strategy against cancer in the fields of prevention, early detection and social involvement. To open the minds and change the behavior of the population by communication and information about the fight against cancer, it was thus a matter of demystifying the cancerous disease, of breaking the taboos, the prejudices and the common misconception. Afterward, Foundation Lalla Salma’s large scale campaigns were directed towards more information about the breast cancer screening and the raising awareness as for the early diagnosis.


"Together against Cancer":

To change the people’s feeling about the disease


"Awareness and information campaign about the breast cancer screening":

To inform the high-risk persons about the importance of the early screening as for the breast cancer, and also to make people aware that the chances to be cured depend on how early was the diagnosis


"All against Smoking":

To inform of the real dangers of smoking - to shake the mentalities, highlight the dangers of tobacco, learn to say “NO” to the first cigarette and inform of the passive smoking hazards

2010 and 2011

"Information and awareness Campaign on the breast cancer screening":

To bring awareness to the general public and in particular the women, about the importance of breast cancerearly detection so as they take part in this campaign, by informing the population about the existing structures implemented by the Ministry of Health and giving access to complementary free examinations (as mammography)

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Fighting Tobacco and CLE program

In line with the international approach in terms of fighting tobacco strategies, the Foundation Lalla Salma set as a priority the fight against smoking, to prove the tobacco’s misdeeds and its direct link with cancer.Foundation Lalla Salma’s antismoking strategy is mainly based on the CLE Program, besides the large-scale antismoking campaign carried out in 2009, a national campaign which covered a very wide public all over Morocco.

The Lalla Salma Foundation against cancer launched in 2007 the CLE antismoking program fighting tobacco in middle schools, high schools and companies, “CLE” standing for “Collèges, Lycées, Entreprises”.

This antismoking program was implemented for the benefit of:

- middle and high schools teenagers

- adults in their working and private environment

- healthcare professionals

The CLE program goals are:

- the prevention against the first cigarette

- the protection of the non-smokers

- the support and the follow up to quit smoking