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Benefits of quitting smoking

Quitting tobacco will for sure increase one’s chances to live longer and healthy. All the former smokers can testify how better they feel once they quit smoking, whatever their age or their current health problems. As soon as you stop smoking, the first profits appear immediately.

Quitting smoking is among the hardest things to do, but the reward is huge, as you will have the feeling to better control your life and habits, instead of this bad feeling that the cigarette controls you.
The first weeks following tobacco cessation can be real hard times, as you will be suffering those symptoms like the coughing fits while your body eliminates the tar and the toxins accumulated in your lungs. However, from the very first day you quit smoking, you will really feel so much better.
The beneficial effects resulting from smoking cessation are invaluable, not only for health, but also on the psychological, economic and educational plans.

Some of the advantages are:

- To preserve one’s own free will, seriously threatened by the addicting nature of the nicotine.
- Avoid the yellowish color that tobacco gives to fingers and teeth.
- Always have a fresh breath.
- Keep the natural firmness of the skin and slow down the development of deep and ugly wrinkles on the face.
- Avoid stinky clothes and hair.
- Save money and spend it in gratifying objects and/or activities that do not jeopardize neither our health nor our freedom.
- Maintain a physical shape corresponding to one’s age.
- Decrease the risk of contracting a disease directly linked to smoking.
- Favor a healthy atmosphere in roofed and closed spaces, and spare the others passive smoking.
- Respect the non-smokers’ right to breathe an air free of tobacco smoke.