National and international network

Foundation Lalla Salma networks

Foundation Lalla Salma is operations are thought so as to position the fight against cancer as a public health priority in Morocco, doing so by using a participative and multidimensional approach.

A national and international network

As a matter of fact, it is actually thanks to the combined efforts of all our supporters, public and private sectors, corporate or associative partners, Moroccan and foreign institutions, and thanks to the efficient partnership between the Foundation Lalla Salma and the Ministry of Health, that the fight against cancer is today a project carried out by the whole nation, thus joining a global and integrated approach.


Foundation Lalla Salma Prizes

In the same logic of globalizing its activities, the Foundation Lalla Salma grants every year two prizes on the occasion of the National Day against Cancer: a national Award and an international one, honoring personalities, research centers or laboratories for their implication in cancer research.